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Welcome to K9course.com

Welcome to Dog Training Instruction. This site is dedicated to supplying dog owners
with information about training their canine family members. We have a variety of
articles on all phases of dog training, including basic dog training, obedience training,
agility training, house training, clicker training, hunting dog training, and just about
every other aspect of training your dog.

There are many different methods of training dogs. And proponents of one method
or another feel as strongly about their training method as they do about their political
affiliation or religion.

We do not propose to present any one method as preferable here. The purpose of
this site is not to judge, but rather to offer the reader information on a variety of
training methods, and let him or her decide for themselves which is right for them

Consequently, you should not take publication of an article on this site as an
endorsement of that method. We leave it to you to educate yourself accordingly and
make your own decision.

Top Ten Dog Training Mistakes

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