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Training a dog is much more complicated then training a puppy, so why do people even try training their dogs? Well, because who wants a dog that doesn’t have any manners?

Dogs tend to be much more complicated to train since they are older. Its like trying to train a man, its almost impossible unless you nag at them none stop. So how can you possibly train an older dog? The same way you’d train your puppy. Repetition. It does work amazingly and after a lot of practice and time your dog will understand what exactly you are trying to get them to do.

Many people tend to give up training their older dogs because it does take a bit longer to train them over the time period it does for training a puppy. An adult dog’s mind has already developed and understands all the things its already been taught is right, so when they jump up on every single person that comes into your house and you tell them no it confuses them because they’ve done it all their lives already.

You probably don’t notice, but your dog does learn new things all the time. When you get an older dog to join your family they quickly learn that you are their family now, they learn all the sounds in and around your house, they learn everything that has changed, so why can’t you train him. You can if you have the patience. Take that extra few minutes out of your day to do something like teach him to sit, or shake a paw because he will do it after a while.

Rewards are another great way to train your dog, but be careful when you use this method. If you reward your dog with treats every single time they do something they are told, you may notice your dog is putting on a few pounds. Try rewarding your dog with other things like petting, rubbing of the back, and occasionally a treat.

Dogs are much more intelligent then most people could imagine. They notice every single thing that goes on around them. Can you honestly say you notice every singe thing? Probably not. Dogs are so observant of everything going on, especially the things you don’t notice such as the sound of your vehicle when it pulls into the driveway/garage.

Are you contemplating getting an older dog, but don’t know if you could train it? Well don’t even think about worrying any longer. With the help from K9Course we can make this process a thousand times easier. There will be no need to send your dog to doggy boot camp or pay an arm and a leg for professional dog training. Train your dog on your own and have him actually listen to you when you get the help you need through K9Course.

We will make your dog training process the time of your life and soon change your disobedient dog into a treasure. Dogs are supposed to be fun for the whole family, not a hassle. Make your dog training adventure easy today!


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