What Should I Look For When Choosing a Dog/Puppy?
Choose a friendly, alert puppy who is neither the most extrovert and pugnacious in the litter. It should play happily with its littermates, show an interest in what is happening around it and not be unduly distressed.

Nervous puppies will be very upset, even panicky, if turned on their back or stared at. Dominant puppys will show resentment at being handled by struggling and biting. A well-balance future pet will tolerate most handling without any undue alarm or aggression.

The puppy should appear adequately nourished; neither abnormally thin nor potbellied and it must be able to move freely. Its eyes should be clear and bright, and both ears and eyes should be free from any discharges. The pup's coat should be clean and well groomed and have no fecal matter beneath the tail. The skin should be soft and pliable without obvious lesions or signs of parasites.

Note: I advise against taking your children with you because they are likely to fall in love with any puppy that they see.


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