What if We Decide to Have a Baby?
In general there are no problems and your dog will accept the baby as a member of the pack.

However, jealousy can develop if the arrival of the newborn causes your dog to feel neglected and rejected. To avoid this situation it is very important for your dog to continue to receive a considerable amount of attention. Be sure that this affection and attention occurs when the baby is present.

If you choose a large breed prior to getting married bear in mind that it might be difficult to provide it with sufficient exercise when there are babies and toddlers around.

Another problem with children under two years old is that they have a tendency to suddenly grab at objects and animals, which a dog might find alarming and cause it to snap. This would be a good time to start teaching your children how to be smart and responsible around dogs that they know and dogs that they don't know.

Children can get the disease visceral larva migrans from a dog also. They are particularly at risk because of their habit of putting fingers and objects in their mouths.

In general, dogs and children have happy relationships as shown by the fact that the level of dog ownership in households with children is approximately twice that of households where no children are present.


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