What Do I Do If My Dog Can't Learn?

If you think your dog can't or won't learn, think about the things he/she has already learned. If you and your dog have been together for a few weeks it is likely he has already learned:

  • it's time to eat when he hears the electric can opener or the cupboard door opening where his food is kept
  • seeing his leash means it's time for a walk
  • the sound of your key in the door means that you have come home, and numerous other little things.  These all indicate "learning" phases on his part.

It is possible to teach your dog what you want him to learn.

The important thing is to properly reward your dog for good behavior and penalize him for bad behavior.  It won't be long before he understands it is in his best interests to do what you want him to, and dogs are always eager to please.


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