Will My New Dog Get Along with My Other Pets?
It completely depends upon each animal's temperaments and the age at which they are introduced to each other.

A puppy is socialized between four and twelve weeks of age. So, if two puppies are reared together from that time they usually get on well together.

When a young puppy is introduced into a home where an older dog is already in residence a problem can occur, but whether it does depends largely on the owner's handling of the situation. The owner can avoid conflict by giving more affection to the resident and dominant dog, thereby confirming the hierarchy and stabilizing the relationship.

When an older dog is introduced into a home where another dog is already present the newcomer may not automatically accept the role of submissive dog, so that the order of dominance has then to be determined. Usually it is manifested through fights over territory, food and favorite toys. It may also be settled with a single fight or the power struggle may go on for some time before being resolved.

Introduction of a dog into a household where there is already a cat may result in behavioral problems on the part of the cat. But, if affection is lavished on the cat, and the two pets are fed quite separately they will in most instances gradually come to tolerate each other.


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