Should I Get a Pedigree or a Mix?
One advantage of a pedigree dog is that you know more or less what you are getting as far as appearance and size of the animal.

With a mix you can be surprised at how big they get and what they look like.

You can pretty much gage the temperament of a pedigree dog, but all dogs have their own personalities and are effected by their environment and training.

Buying a pedigree from a respectable breeder does reduce the likelihood of a puppy contracting some disease. And if you want to show your dog, or breed it professionally, only a pedigree animal will do.

Mixed breed dogs are the result of random mating and such animals may develop roaming instincts. Although, you can train against roaming. Especially if they are confined to an escape proof yard.

Many people believe that mixed breed dogs are hardier and have better resistance to disease, but there is no real evidence for this view, apart from the fact that they are unlikely to suffer from those conditions that affect certain breeds as a result of inbreeding.


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