What Behavior Should I Expect When Properly Trained?
By the time a dog is an adult it should have been trained to do the following:

  • To be clean in the house and to ask to go outdoors to use the bathroom
  • To sleep in its own bed.
  • To come in response to its name being called.
  • To walk and to heel when on a lead and to sit when you stop and to stay when instructed.
  • To not to damage furnishings, clothing or other articles in the home whether you are present or not.
  • To not jump on to chairs or beds, or to leap around in the car.
  • To permit you to take food, a bone or a toy away from it, if you feel this action is necessary.
  • To not be aggressive with members of the family, other pets or invited guests, but ideally to be defensive against intruders.
  • To not indulge in other types of antisocial behavior such as fouling the footpaths and other people's gardens, jumping up, excessive barking, chasing sheep or chickens, stealing food, etc....
  • To be obedient immediately, not merely to respond when it feels like it.

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