How Do I Stop My Dog from Jumping On People?

Dogs jump up to greet people because they want to make eye and physical contact. 

This is normal greeting behavior for dogs. So rather than punishing the behavior you simply need to modify how your dog greets your visitors..

Here is how:

  • Teach your puppy to sit using dog treats as a reward.
  • Make sure that you practice the sit command in the area you expect him to sit and greet people.

Once you have mastered the sit command, introduce the visitor to the dog.

  • Confine the dog while you invite the visitor in.
  • Lead the dog up to the visitor, holding his collar or lead to prevent him from jumping up.
  • Give the 'sit' command. 
  • Ask your visitor to wait until the dog sits before paying any attention to him. Once he does sit, have the visitor gently pet the dog and talk to him. Be sure that your dog doesn't jump up during this procedure by holding him down gently by the collar.

As soon as the dog sits and gets the visitor's attention as a reward, walk the dog away from the visitor.  This will need to be repeated each time you have company until your dog understands what is expected of him.

If you do this with every new person, you will soon have a dog that will sit in front of visitors to get their attention. (and a treat!)


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